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We provide complete non-banking financial software solutions for NBFc companies.

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Integrated NBFC Software for Financial Services

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) provide additional facilities that traditional banks can’t provide. Investment banks, insurance companies, hedge fund companies, etc are examples of NBFCs. In UP, most companies that provide these facilities have adopted genuine software. With the integration of the NBFC software they are efficiently delivering banking services.

The software helps to multiple functions under a single platform. It builds a centralized database where all data and information will get stored. Hence all branches located in different places can use the database. This software facilitates inter-branch collaboration for smooth operations. With the help of efficient work of software financial companies can digitize their functions completely.

Integration of software in NBFC has simplified their various operations. It automates the loan lifecycle management systems and account maintenance procedure.  And it will prepare the database for the preparation of reports also. So the best NBFC software smoothens the delivery of financial services.

Selecting the Right NBFC Software Demo and Download Facility

Earlier the reason for adopting software in nbfcs was for meeting specific needs. But the situation does not remain the same as before in this sector. Nowadays, the software can accommodate any function as per the company’s needs. From managing multiple branches to assessing loans the software can handle all functions. Now checking the NBFC software free demo before the installation and satisfied with awesome features.

Hence selecting the right software becomes essentially important here. It must provide all the latest features to ease the NBFCs’ operations. Customized banking software solutions are the best solution for these companies. We are a software development company specializing in NBFC software. So you can choose NBFC software free download and check your company’s criteria. 

Some Key Components of NBFC Software

As the NBFC companies can accomplish many finance related operations, the best NBFC software in UP also comes with much kind of verities. These are:

Home Loan

Mortgage Loan

Business Loan

Personal Loan

Gold Loan

Two wheeler Loan

Vehicle Loan

Lap Loan

Consumer Durable Loan

Education Loan

Unsecured Loan

Group Loan

Project Loan

Real Estate Funding


RAW Material Funding

Why Choose Loan Management NBFC Software?

Managing loan functions is the crucial element for efficient NBFC operation. You can unlock the best experience when you choose to update your NBFC with the best software solutions. Here are the reasons you should choose the loan management NBFC software. 

For going paperless: after installing the software there will be no more offline work left for the companies.  All the operating procedures of the company will become digital through the software. 

Building Transparency: managers and executives can easily check various points of the banking process. A complete system of transparency would remain in the process after installing the software. 

Tracking Defaulters: The process of loan management would become easier if companies can track loan defaulters. The software here will help companies to track loan defaulters. It will make the loan management system healthy and competitive. 

Increasing Accessibility: By enabling the best cutting-edge technology, the software will increase the accessibility of NBFC operations. This will make the NBFC management system easy to use, simple, and versatile.

What You Can Expect From NBFC Software

Highly customizable

In our NBFC software, we provide liberty to our clients to customize the features they need for their business. To maintain high-quality service to our clients we have developed an NBFC software that is flexible enough to get customised. Now clients can ask for the modifications they want in the software and hence get all their tasks performed through our NBFC software effortlessly.

Stable Framework

Managing complex and huge databases is easy with our NBFC software. From loan disbursement, managing documents, keeping track of loans, etc there are numerous tasks that an NBFC performs. Therefore to ensure that there are no miscalculations or errors, we have induced a stable framework in our NBFC software.

Safe and secured

As NBFCs perform financial transactions, it becomes really important that the documents and data of the organization are in safe hands. As the best NBFC software in UP, we have made our digital product safe and secure from malicious activities.

Efficient loan management

As NBFCs work on offering financial aid hence best loan management software must be capable of performing effective loan management. It will not only reduce the workload of managing the loans offered by the organization but also maintain accuracy at the same time.

User friendly interface

The NBFC software we have built is enriched with a user-friendly interface to ensure that there is no inconvenience caused to the employees and clients of the organization. To be precise it is one of our main focuses while building the software. To add icing on the cake we also offer technical assistance and customer support to ensure that every organization is capable of using our loan processing software without any inconvenience.


While developing our NBFC software we have emphasized making it cost-effective. As our NBFC software is capable of performing multiple tasks without any trouble hence you can cut off the cost of hiring employees for performing those tasks. Moreover, our NBFC software is available at a competitive cost as there are no secret charges involved in it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NBFC Software?

NBFC software is exclusively designed to handle the operation of non-banking financial companies. From loan origination to loan distribution, the software manages all operations. Also, it assesses and manages complex databases to simplify NBFCs’ operations.

How to work on NBFC software?

With customized NBFC software, companies can easily manage their financial process. It will assess loan borrowers’ profiles thoroughly and identify risk areas. You can opt for our NBFC software demo to check the capacity of working with the software.

What is the budget-friendly price of NBFC software?

The standard price is applicable when it comes to fixing the NBFC software price range. We have set a very attractive pricing system in our software which will fit our client’s budget. We are the expert in providing the best NBFC software on a budget.

How does it facilitate banking and financial operations?

The best NBFC software will store all data in the centralized database. Through this way it can provide core banking facilities. It will also help NBFCs in handling their financial operations.

Does NBFC software provide online banking and a mobile app facility?

Yes, of course. Online banking options and mobile apps are the main reason companies choose software. These basic facilities are getting included when you choose Software for NBFC Company.

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Affordable NBFC Software