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Features of NBFC Software

Non-banking financial companies (NBFC) are the backbone of the Indian economy. These entities offer various services to increase the financial flow in the country.  To speed up the flow, these entities are now adopting robust software technology. The software helps here to manage the day-to-day activities of NBFCs. 

The software mainly assists these companies in delivering their services accurately. It reduces manual errors and reduces operational expenses. The main function of the software is securing the management system of the NBFC. It simplifies the operation and provides assistance in managing critical loan functions.

Besides calculating loan interests, the software handles all aspects related to loan management. By installing the software, NBFCs can automate end-to-end loan processes. It tracks loans and prepares files as per the format of traditional banks. In simple words, the software provides agility in the management of NBFCs. You can have all these features in our exclusively advanced software solutions.  

Empowering NBFCs with Advanced Software Solutions

Adopting software is the best option an NBFC can do now at this present time. Software is basically a smart tool that operates through cutting-edge technology. The software reduces unnecessary paperwork and manual errors in the loan management system. It ensures the smooth delivery of loans without hassles. 

The software will come with cloud storage facilities. It means that all data will get stored in the cloud via the software. Through the centralized database, multiple branches of NBFCs can access the same datasets. So the security of the data is getting maintained intact within the company.

Besides, the software automates the loan management facilities. It enables customized loan options and handles all loan options. Interestingly, the software would easily track loan defaulters by loan records. Therefore, companies can assess the track record of the borrowers before loan disbursement. In total, advanced NBFC software solutions empower these institutions in various ways. We are the developer of robust NBFC software that will empower these non-banking entities from multiple aspects. 

Customizable Features of Advanced NBFC Software

Aadhar & Pan
Card Verification

Cibil Score Check
& Upload

Bank Statement



Payment Gateway &
QR Code Payment


IVR Calling
& Tracking


Manage All Types
Of Loan



Fully Online Cloud
Based Software

SMS Email &
Whatsapp Integration

Auto Chat Bot
with AI

MIS Reports &
Balance Sheet

NBFC Software Workflow

The sequence of actions and steps involved in designing, building, testing, delivering, and sustaining software applications is referred to as software workflow. It is the procedure that software development teams use to produce and deliver software products.
A software workflow typically consists of several steps, including requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, debugging, deployment, and maintenance. Each stage may include a variety of jobs and sub-tasks carried out by various team members.
Efficient software workflows assist development teams in streamlining procedures, improving cooperation and communication, and ensuring that software is delivered on time and on budget. Development teams can also verify that their software meets the appropriate quality and functionality criteria by developing a defined procedure.

Loan Management Steps

Create & Manage Prospective Borrower's Funnel

Capture Leads From Various Resources

Auto Reminder For Day-to-day Appointments

OTP based Mobile Verification

Centralize Leads & Assign Them to Agents

Performance Dashboard With Lead Status

Benefits of Advanced NBFC Software

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